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The proportion of old people in the total population is increasing steadily in Germany. Therefore, thousands of nurses are already missing today and in the future. As WBS SCHOOLS, we actively counteract this massive deficiency with our Azubi (trainee) welcome program .


1st Phase In The Country of Origin

* Selection of motivated and care-interested young people from our cooperation partners on site
* 6 to 12 months preparation time according to WBS SCHOOL standards
* Pre-training internship and imparting specialist practical knowledge
* socio-cultural preparation for life in Germany
in parallel:
* the care facilities receive meaningful profiles of the applicants

2nd Phase in Germany

* Transit of potential trainees with at least language level B1 to Germany
* advanced language lessons before the start of training up to language level B2
* We take on many integration and preparatory services (including looking for accommodation, accompanying authorities, registering health insurance and banks, etc.).
* We support the employing facilities with regard to formal processes, including applications for a ZAV priority test.
* We provide an employee at each school location who acts as a mentor for the foreign trainees throughout the training period.

3. Training period

* We accompany / support the trainees in other official matters.
* We support the care facilities with all questions relating to the training of foreign trainees.
* In the first three months of the training, we offer the nursing facilities special, intercultural integration training.

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