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Introducing WBS Training


Starting from 1979, WBS Training AG has more than 40 years of development in the field of training. We have more than 200 branches across Germany and many other European branches, as well as representative offices on every continent with more than 20,000 students, enrolled each year.

ABOUT WBS Training

Germany has experienced a serious shortage of labor force in basic industries. At the same time, based on the experiences, understanding of the industrious, hard-working, and agile nature of Indian people, we decided to pilot the first projects to channelize the potential from India. After the great success of the project in Vietnam, WBS Training has officially launched in 2020.

With an advanced program of learning according to German standards, WBS Training will always be a reliable destination for young people who want to dream of living and working in Germany.




• With the desire for the younger generation of India to have access to one of the world’s leading advanced job opportunities with attractive income levels in the heart of Europe. WBS Training India plays an important role in training and advising candidates for employment in their desired field.
• In addition, with a team of highly specialized and experienced trainers, we aim to be the number one skill developers for the German Market.
• Our long-term goal is to work together with our partners to improve the quality of employment and provide our candidates with the best opportunities and environment to succeed professionally.


• Marketing attitude: We always listen to understand candidates aspirations to build better communication and trust
• Dedication:  Each candidate will have their own separate route designed to ensure they can acquire knowledge easily.
• Responsibility: WBS Training’s staff will accompany you all the way from skill development in India to completing vocational training programs in Germany and ultimately beginning your professional journey in Germany
• Sustainable development: With a long-term strategy, WBS Training understands that quality is always a guideline for our training process.