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The dual vocational training program in Germany includes practical and theoretical training for actual jobs.
Students in Hotel & Gastronomy (HOGA) need to spend upto 18 weeks at vocational schools, in order to train in the thoretical knowledge needed for the future jobs. And the rest of the time in the year is spent in Hotels. Then and there students can brush there skill in an actual working enviornments.

The certification of dual vocational training increases the employment prospects for the applicants.

That is why this kind of training is loved by young Germans: around two thirds of all German students drop out from the school go on to start a dual vocational training program. After passing the finals exams, students are recognized professionals in all Europe and stand forward to start a successful career in Germany.

Eligibility criteria:
  • Educational qualification: 12th completed or diploma 10+3
    (One should have your school-leaving certificate recognized to apply for a vocational training course.)
  • Language qualification: B1 Level Certification is mandatory

Age: 18 years – 24 Years

  • Maximum 6 Months of Pre Semester
  • 3 Years of Job training with a minimum of 800 euros stipend /month
  • Average pay during Vocational Training 850 Euros – 1200 Euros (monthly gross)