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What is Azubi (apprenticeship) ?

WBS Training India ( Berufsausbildung ) is a vocational training program for foreigners in Germany with a guaranteed career future.

Vocational training program includes 2 forms of training. The first is to study in class at specialized schools and the second is to work in an internship under the supervision of a professional. During the course of 2 to 4 years , students spend a few days or a few weeks studying theory at vocational schools (Berufsschule). Along with that, students will be able to practice in companies, factories, hospitals … to get practical experience.

During the apprenticeship , students receive a grant of 800 – 1300 € / month equivalent to.

Starting salary when going to work, depending on the occupation, students will receive an immediate salary of 1800 Euro or more.

In addition to the time at school and practice time, students can fully work or help their families to earn extra income to earn a living.

With WBS Training India, we are committed to helping students find jobs as soon as they graduate


Why choose vocational training?

Why is apprenticeship Germany a very smart choice at the moment


Compared to even university and job application in Vietnam, vocational training in Germany has always been highly economical


All you prepare to start an apprenticeship program are just high school graduates.


Germany lacks 3 million unskilled workers. This is a golden opportunity for you to work and settle in Germany.

Roadmap to work in Germany

When in India
  • Before start

    Learn basic information
    Studying abroad is always a turning point in life. Before determining the start of the study abroad program, you should carefully study such information as: records, curriculum, salary, living standards, employment needs. All this information you can find in the news section. Or contact us directly for a free consultation.
  • First month

    Prepare documents for studying abroad and learning languages
    In the German study abroad program, the time from the start of study until the visa lasts an average of 10 - 12 months. All trainees who follow the apprenticeship program will be guided by the basic procedures to prepare a job package. At the same time, students will also study the German language program, which lasts for an average of 8 months, to take the B1 certification exam for VISA application at the request of the German Embassy at WBS Training India.
  • 8th month

    Take the B1 test
    After 08 months of study from level A1 to B1 and the exam review course, students will choose one of the 3 German exams in Vietnam: telc gcmbH telc company Goethe-Institut ZD ÖSD of Austria WBS Training Vietnam is one of the first organizations to organize a telc exam in India. We have rich experience preparing for this exam. To find out about the telc exam, go here
  • Months 9 - 10

    Complete the application and apply for a VISA
    After students pass the B1 exam, we will prepare to complete the dossier to apply for VISA at the request of the German Embassy. These documents include: Certificate of German bank to prove financial (This is the amount of money students used during B2 study in Germany) Certificate of background knowledge of the vocational training (students will study the foundation knowledge program of the center to ensure knowledge before apprenticeship in Germany) Legalization of documents in Vietnam (student's documents will be translated and notarized)
  • 9 to 11th month

    Get VISA and fly to Germany
    During the course of waiting for VISA, students will be able to take part in the course to improve their German language skills as well as soft skills when they come to vocational training. After obtaining VISA, we will organize gratitude, take students to the airport and support the necessary procedures.