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Studying in Nursing – Mai Thuy Linh

Studying in Nursing – Mai Thuy Linh

We were told: “If the Embassy rejects us because of” suspicion of the purpose of residence, “we can only call the Buddha.”
Later, we realized: Oh, we are hibiscus!
Let’s explore with WBS the German visa application process for “bad records” – Mai Linh!
🍬 Once upon a time, in a land famous for all sorts of specialties such as Pho Bo, Ba Gai Gai Banh Thi, Xiou …, there was a girl Finally love the taste of western cuisine. That girl is often known by the name (FB) Mai Linh. With love for beer, bread, salami … she decided to choose Germany as her destination.

👪 She is growing up now, although she is young but she is not young because she was born in 88. Life has pushed her a little far away from her German dream: She met the fate of her life. and have a very cute little boy. But, with the Lac Hong bloodline of 4,000 years of culture flowing through her, she decided not to let her life go so ordinary.

🇩🇪 Then, she remembered her German dream and decided to do it. With the tongue of the world (through the introduction of relatives and netizens), she decided to put all her trust and choose WBS’s apprenticeship program. Compared to other young people, she has a lot of things to worry about when applying for a visa: Gone are the days of broken horns of buffalo horns, not only that she has a family and has a baby … both made her full of anxiety.

🥳  But then, all of my feelings were broken when she was called by the Embassy to get a visa, the happiness and happiness as the students were going to have a holiday. She was engrossed in calculating what she would have to buy to bring to Germany, would have to visit in which cities, and then set up a truss set to schedule a breakup with each of the dearest sisters and aunties …

😭 But, Mai Linh doesn’t count as heaven. The joy did not last long, she was shocked to hear that the Embassy denied her visa. Not only that, they also noted the reason for the refusal to be “SUSPENSIVE PURPOSE TO GERMANY” due to being caught up in the storm of Essentis. She also fully understands the great impact of this reason on her subsequent German visa application process. The sky seemed to collapse, not just at eye level but only at ankle level.

🧙‍♂‍ And then, lifting the cloudy veil of darkness, he showed WBS and showed his talent. The mummy made Mai Linh laugh no more cheerful because her German dream for many years has come true, helping Mai Linh once again get a picture of the German visa to show FB in the sky.
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