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Studying in Nursing – Vu Van Tung

Studying in Nursing – Vu Van Tung

The challenge of getting a visa after 2 slips and was successful !!

🎯 My name is Vu Van Tung, born in 1992, born in Hai Duong. I want to share a little bit about the path filled with thorns to apply for my visa to Germany.

Đức  The German dream comes to me not only day one, day two. A few years ago, when the youth were passionately swinging to meet Boss Tung, or the people were busy with the voices of the little Linh Ka, I was busy carrying with me the great love of Germany.
The reason to go to Germany by yourself? I really wanted to challenge myself in heaven, so I chose Germany as the destination. More specifically, perhaps a bit different from many friends, I chose Germany because of their medical background. I studied Oceanic Medicine, so I consulted about German Medicine. And I find it a great country to study and work for. German medicine is very developed and has many conditions suitable for me as well as other friends. Besides, Germany’s support system for international students is also great: supported in the process of studying, working and receiving high salaries.

🎯 Unlike many of you, my visa application process did not go smoothly. I have been denied a visa by the Embassy, ​​not only once but twice.
Even though I failed my visa twice because of invalid documents, my account was not enough, I was still determined to pursue my dream of going to Germany. When I failed my visa, I really did not trust the centers anymore. The 3rd application file is the last choice and has high hopes. Due to having failed the previous 2 times, I researched all the centers in Hanoi very carefully, asked my friends for information and met them directly.

🎯 And now that I know my choice is right, choosing WBS is the right place for me. WBS helped me get a visa – something I’ve been waiting for the past 2 years. If I knew about WBS sooner, it would be good for me.

Come to WBS now to have the same fun as Tung!

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