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WBS Training programs are supported by the Government of Germany.
For international level skill training and job orientation.

We provide the desired job-oriented skill development to people who want to live a quality life with employment in Germany.


We at WBS Training believe that we are equipped with the right tools and resources to guide you to a career, best suited for you, and create and support all the opportunities possible. We have continued to stand as the number one skill groomers in Germany with 40 years of experience, and are now, here in India to help guide aspirants so that they may bloom in the right environment.
With our advanced job oriented skill development training according to German standards and requirements, WBS Training is a reliable destination for young people who dream of living and working in Germany.

Low Cost / Affordable Investment

We offer our candidates the most productive skill development program which leads to assured job offers at the most economical places in Germany.

Simple Conditions for Participation

All you need to enroll for our Skill Development Programme is a 10+2 certification.

Sustainable Career

Germany has 3 million job vacancies. This is a golden opportunity for you to work and settle in Germany.


WBS Training will accompany you all the way from skill development in India to completing vocational training programs in Germany and ultimately beginning your professional journey in Germany

Pioneers in Training

We offer precise training methods for you, which means assured international standard training. The skill development programs allow you to work seamlessly in leading German environments.

Highly Qualified Trainers

Our highly skilled trainers comprises of trainers who will be both Indian Trainers as well as German Trainers that will be always there to guide the candidates with their experience and assist them in honing their skills according to the professional requirements in Germany.

European Environment Training

We are always ready to help you better understand Germany, the German labor market, train many professions with international standard quality, to help you seize the opportunities and develop yourself the best.


An open invitation by the German Government through the “SKILLED IMMIGRATION ACT” by making it easier for skilled workers with vocational, non-academic training from non-EU countries to migrate to Germany in order to work.

Choose your skill.

For professionals in health & nursing, hotel & hospitality, IT, media, and management. We have over 20 programme which candidates can choose from. Below is a list of some of our occupations:


Number of Practitioners Who Found a Dream Job in Germany

In Vietnam, we have achieved many milestones in a short span.

Years of experience
Number of trainee who found a dream job in Germany


My dream was to work abroad and I came across the German Ausbildung Program. I was looking out for the best German Language Training & Ausbildung Program service provider and my friend recommended WBS Training India and I am pursuing my B1 in German Language and WBS Team is with me at every step, very supportive & helpful and I am sure WBS will be guiding me till I reach my goal.

Arjun Pran (Azubi HOFA)

I wanted to pursue my career in Germany and I was introduced to WBS Training India for German language Training. My experience with WBS has been awesome as the staff have been very supportive and teachers well qualified, professional and friendly. I am happy I selected WBS for my Training.

Sajin Das (Azubi Nursing)

Within the first 5 months after I came to Germany, I took German classes at WBS Training in Schwerin. Along the way, I have found many new friends, learned a lot about the new culture and improved my German skills. I received a lot of support by WBS Training, for instance when it came to writing and sending out applications and finding a fitting apprentice position for me.

Bui, Thi Thuy Hong

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