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Introducing the TELC exam


TELC stands for The European Language Certificates, which is roughly translated as European language certificate. TELC ‘s certificate is recognized by the German Embassy as equivalent to Goethe and is eligible to apply for a visa for all purposes such as apprenticeship, study abroad, Au Pair, reuniting, etc. Group.


The format of the TELC exam is divided into 2 modules, schriftlich (written test) and mündlich (oral exam).
  • The module schriftlich includes 3 listening and writing skills combined into one and does not count for each of these skills. Students must take these 3 skills at the same time, so avoid the last one, then forget the previous ones.
  • The module mündlich is a speaking skill with the great advantage that candidates can choose the contestant with them. Giving you the space more comfortable and confident when entering the exam room.


Realistic exam questions

The Telc test is of high practical application. As long as you make sure the curriculum is able to pass easily.

Excellent calculation method

Telc does not calculate points for each small skill. The skills can compensate for each other

Selected Partner

For the Telc exam you can choose a partner for the speaking section. This helps you feel more confident, able to show your full level


Scoring of TELC TEST

The scale of a Telc B1 test is 300. To achieve B1, you must score at least 180 points. The written test must be at least 135 points and the speaking test must score at least 45 points. If you fail the written or oral test, you can retake the exam in the next Telc exam.
The advantage of the Telc  exam is that your passing and failing results do not depend on the test scores of each individual skill, but only on the total score of the two written and oral tests. For example, your reading score may be low (eg. 15 points) but if your total writing score still reaches 135 points, you can still pass.

The following is the score level corresponding to the degree type:

  • 270–300.0 Very good
  • 240–269.5 Good
  • 210–239.5 Satisfactory
  • 180–209.5 Sufficient