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To begin the Vocational Training (Apprenticeship) where the candidate will be paid stipend (800-1200 EUR/month), a strong command over the German Language is required. (Minimum Requirement: B1 TELC) We help our candidates through our tools and trainers to achieve langugage proficiency for successful clearance of B1 Telc Exam. The next step is to continue with the onsite language training for B2 Level German Language in Germany


German Level A1

Duration- 7 Weeks
Training Units- 150 Units
After Completion candidates will be able to
• Understand the common simple sayings everyday to serve your essential needs: such as introduction of name, career, asking directions if the speaker is slow and easy to understand.
• Write simple sentences
• Fill personal information into the forms
• Read and speak numbers, prices and time

German Level A2

Duration- 7 Weeks
Training Units- 150 Units
After Completion candidates will be able to
•Understand simple sayings that are common in everyday life when speakers speak slowly and easily to understand
• Understand the main ideas of conversations and listening to German on TV or public facilities, such as speakers at the Station
• Understand and fill personal information into forms that aren’t too complicated like bank papers or insurance documents
• Write letters with simple content.
• Use more complex sentence patterns that use hyphenation

Geman Level B1

Duration- 12 Weeks
Training Units- 300 Units
After Completion candidates will be able to-Understand the gist of everyday conversation.
• Get the gist of interview conversations about a topic on television.
• Read articles, interviews or letters, information from government, banks, insurance or companies
• Create your own profile form
• Write letters to companies asking and asking for information according to their needs


German Level B2

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