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Elderly care - Take up a profession with a future.

Would you like to carry out a meaningful job, take responsibility and learn a profession with a future? Then training in the field of geriatric care is just right for you! Elderly care enables elderly people who need help to age gracefully. They support seniors where they can no longer act independently and at the same time support them in areas that they can still do independently.

ATTENTION: From 2020, this training will be replaced by the new training as a nurse and will no longer be offered.

  • The new training as a care professional is
  • completely free of charge for trainees .
  • The previous training to become a geriatric nurse,
  • health and nursing staff, hea
  •  The new training as a nurse meets the EU
  • lth and pediatric nurses is no longer applicable .
  • You can choose flexibly : You decide whether you want to work in the field of elderly care, health and nursing, with the elderly or with children.requirements and is therefore recognized across Europe .
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Your future in geriatric care.

The tasks of geriatric nurses.

Elderly care workers take on nursing activities such as the distribution of medication or changing associations. They help with everyday things like personal hygiene, eating, going to bed and spending your free time. They work closely with the doctors treating them. Organizational talent is also required in geriatric care. Because care must be carefully documented and evaluated in order to be able to bill it and to inform other people involved in the therapy.

Elderly care requirements.

The detailed examination of the individual CVs of the patients and the continuous exchange with the other nursing staff require a strong team spirit and a high resilience. The job of a geriatric nurse is very demanding and requires a lot of personal commitment, because the demands on nursing, psychological and social skills are high.

Places of use for future geriatric nurses.

Possible places of employment for geriatric nurses are rehabilitation and geriatric clinics, nursing homes for the elderly, hospitals, nursing homes for the elderly and short-term care facilities. Elderly carers are also employed in outpatient care for the elderly, in elderly care services, in dormitories for people with disabilities or in the care of the elderly.

Future opportunities in geriatric care.

Anyone who decides to work with older people knows that they are doing something useful. Many feel that the interpersonal moments are compensating for the sometimes stressful everyday working life. Overall, the area of ​​geriatric care offers exciting and diverse tasks and challenges. The demographic change ensures that geriatric nurses can seamlessly start their careers after completing their training and become active in nursing.


Elderly care at the WBS schools - training with a future.

Well accompanied.

Benefit from individual remedial classes and application coaching.

Optional internship abroad.

Gather professional experience in the country of your choice.

With heart.

Our teachers are at your side with knowledge, experience and heart.

Funding opportunities for training as a geriatric care assistant.

Have you decided to start an apprenticeship as a geriatric nurse?
There are various funding options from the employment agency, the job center or the state.
Since this is subject to country-specific regulations, there is no uniform regulation.
Let us advise you on the funding options available.


Internship abroad during training as a geriatric care assistant.

Finland, Spain, Portugal, Malta, Great Britain, Denmark or something else?We support everyone who wants to gain experience abroad during training in geriatric care.


Elderly care training: Questions and answers.

Why should I start training in geriatric care?

As a geriatric nurse, you experience a lot of warmth and gratitude from the senior citizens you work with. In addition, there is strong cohesion in the entire nursing team. The work is characterized by mutual support.
Given the demographic development in Germany, geriatric care is also a future-proof profession. The risk of becoming unemployed in the care sector is extremely low.
In addition, the profession of geriatric nurse offers many individual development opportunities, such as further qualification as a practice supervisor or nursing service manager.

Which school-leaving qualification should I have for training as a geriatric nurse?

You should have completed at least ten years of schooling or at least nine years of schooling (secondary school leaving certificate).
Completed two-year vocational training or one-year vocational training as a geriatric nurse or nursing assistant is also conceivable as an entry requirement.
The training as a geriatric nurse has no maximum age limit.

What changes due to the generalist nursing training for prospective geriatric nurses who are now in training?

Current geriatric care trainees finish their training as before and acquire the qualification from the state-recognized geriatric nurse. Those who take up geriatric care training by the end of 2019 can complete it as normal. Even with the introduction of general nursing training, it is still possible to graduate in geriatric care in the transition phase.

Can I also take part in part-time nursing training?

Yes, that is possible with us at the WBS vocational schools.

Can I shorten my training as a geriatric nurse?

Yes. Whether this is possible depends on the individual’s previous professional experience. Those who already have a degree in nursing assistance can have their previous knowledge credited and thus shorten their training.

What is the training salary in geriatric care?

The practice (usually a nursing home) pays the trainees a monthly training allowance. This varies greatly from company to company and also from state to state.

How long does the training to become a geriatric nurse take?

The regular duration of training is three years.

For whom is geriatric care suitable?

The training is suitable for first trainees with a strong social streak, but also for older workers. They can bring their life experience to good use in this field and benefit from it. Retraining is also worthwhile because this profession is very future-proof.

Why do you need training for geriatric care?

The profession of geriatric nurse is a legally protected job title. Specialist and practical knowledge is required for the exercise, which is acquired within three years of training at a vocational school or nursing school. If this knowledge is not learned, serious errors can occur when dealing with those in need of care, which in the worst case can seriously affect the health and life of the person concerned.

What distinguishes training as a geriatric nurse?

Elderly care training is very practice-oriented. In addition to the theoretical training in the vocational school (geriatric nursing school), the trainees spend about half of their training time in a nursing facility for the practical part of the training. There, the trainees get to know and manage the authentic everyday care routine as well as care measures and are integrated into the team. A large number will be taken on by their training institution as a specialist once they have completed their training.

Where can I work as a geriatric nurse?

The training offers good prospects especially for older job seekers and mothers and fathers after parental leave, as life experience can prove to be a great plus when looking for a job. Elderly care workers find employment opportunities

  • Rehabilitation and geriatric clinics
  • Nursing homes, nursing homes
  • General hospitals
  • Nursing homes or
  • Short-term care facilities.

They are also active in outpatient care and care for the elderly.

What personal qualities do I need to work in geriatric care?

The profession of geriatric nurse is suitable for people who have a strong social streak. You should be physically and mentally resilient to work in the nursing service. Working with the elderly also requires physical contact with the people being cared for, which is why you should not be afraid of touching them.
Those interested in training should be team players, since teamwork plays an important role in working with colleagues.
A good geriatric nurse has a good eye for observation, with which he always has an eye on the well-being of the elderly and their relatives and can react quickly to new situations. He is sensitive, loving and patient when dealing with older people.

Why do I need proof of my fitness?

The main focus here is on protecting your own health. Elderly care is a physically demanding profession. So that this can be exercised in full, no physical restrictions may complicate your own work. The aim is to train people who are up to the demands of the profession. Since those in need of care sometimes also need support when getting up or moving in bed, a person who already has a back problem would not be suitable, for example. A healthy musculoskeletal system is required to work as a geriatric nurse.

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